Mine & Yours: We All Lose

Mine and yours seem like such simple concepts, and in the way that we first learn them, usually as toddlers, they are. As we mature and our relative understanding of the world expands, such things become more complex, more confused and ultimately more damaging.



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Ten 4 Ten

Ten 4 Ten, an exhibition to celebrate art@wintergarden’s 10 years of business as a studio/gallery in The Wintergarden, features four works each from ten artists who have an ongoing relationship with the gallery that was established by artist Jill Shalless in 2004...

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A sweet escape from a past pest

In the 1870s, grape phylloxera was first discovered in Victoria in Geelong vineyards.

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This Tablet Will Fix It

If you don’t own and carry around a tablet with you by now, counselling is available. The pioneers of tablets and netbooks, ASUS, have launched the new generation...

After Hours

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