Woo Me or Lose Me

I want to make this very, very clear: I am a huge fan of Avalon Airport and I want to see it reach its extraordinary potential. I remember speaking to Lindsay Fox about his vision for Avalon years before it opened up for commercial flights, and even then the airport’s potential as a driver of growth for not just our region, but the whole of southwest Victoria was unmistakable.



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The Great War - A Graphic Legacy

Geelong Gallery commemorates the 100th anniversary of the First World War with two exhibitions presenting very different aspects of the conflict that left an indelible...

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A sweet escape from a past pest

In the 1870s, grape phylloxera was first discovered in Victoria in Geelong vineyards.

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Smartphone Beams 3D

If you are absolutely transfixed with the idea of beaming 3D images from your smartphone, Ostendo’s handset could be capable of just that...

After Hours

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