Oz team steals 2017 CES Unveiled

Our very own Tech Guy, Jon Mamonski, roved all around the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, bringing us all the big news in tech as it is revealed. First up, the Aussie-designed ear buds that are going to make it very hard to pretend you didn't hear what your mother-in-law just said...

NuHeara, Australia’s only ASX listed consumer wearables technology company, caught the attention of the judges and scored a prestigious CES 2017 Innovation Award announced at CES Unveiled. NuHeara’s IQbuds attracted the award; the game changing ear buds greatly assist hearing in any environment with brilliant acoustic design, a true Australian innovation now recognised on the world stage.

In providing the company feedback on its entry, award judges made the following comments: “Nuheara IQbuds bring together a unique blend of sophisticated research, acoustics, RF technologies, highly miniaturized electronics, advanced speech processing, state of the art software and sleek industrial design. IQBuds are tackling the issue of ‘how can I hear better?’”

Having waited with anticipation for the past year to try them out, the opportunity presented itself at CES Unveiled today and the IQbuds are nothing short of astounding. Not only can you focus easily on conversations close to you in a noisy environment, you can fine tune them to suit your exact hearing needs in each ear from your smartphone.

The R&D that has gone into these sleek in-ear headphones has borne fruit for Nuheara with an outstanding acknowledgement at CES.

A full road test will be forthcoming in a few weeks’ time. Meanwhile, check out their website at www.nuheara.com

Feature Image Courtesy: Tract Consulting
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