Australian ear tech rules

Nuheara, Australia’s only ASX listed consumer wearables technology company, caught the attention of the judges at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show and scored a prestigious CES 2017 Innovation Award for the company’s IQbuds, the game changing ear buds that greatly assist your hearing in any environment with brilliant acoustic design.

 What do IQbuds do?

Each IQbud contains three boards, three microprocessors, a microphone, speaker, a tap-touch control and two antennae that give you premium quality sound in any environment, be it street, party or easy listening, in a combined Bluetooth wireless earpiece with noise cancelling and assisted listening that you can personalise to suit your hearing experience.

In a crowded street, cafe or other public place, IQbuds’ advanced speech amplification will help you hear clearly while the Super Intelligent Noise Cancellation (SINC™) technology lets you tune into the world around you – or to tune out - via the smartphone app.

You’ll even be able to adjust settings for each ear and save them as presets, such as restaurant, street, living room and so on.

With the app, you can listen to high fidelity audio streamed to your device and the on-ear tap-touch control and built-in microphone enables you to take phone calls on the move.

These intelligent earbuds are part of a the new category of Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAP) and feature a

high fidelity MEMs digital microphone, high definition speakers and a 100mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will provide 4 hours of combined operation.

IQbuds’ included charging case provides the ability to recharge your earbuds up to three times before the case itself needs recharging via an included USB cable.

Three different sized silicone tips are included that allow for a broad range of ear sizes. They are also sweat-proof and water resistant.

How good do they sound?

The first thing you notice with IQbuds is how clear they sound even when it’s AC/DC and the volume is at 11. My test tracks also included Earl Klugh’s Dance With Me, Pheobe Snow’s Two Fisted Love, Boz Scaggs’ Harbour Lights and The Cleveland Wind Ensemble’s Crown Imperial and tracks don’t get any more challenging than that.

The sound quality is simply outstanding. Couple that with the ability to balance each ear precisely and have as much or as little of the outside world in the background and you can now have new state-of-the-art wireless ear buds and be very proud that the IQbuds were conceived and designed in Australia and are now available from Nuheara for a very reasonable $399.

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